Buford Heat Pump Repair

If the heat in your home is not being evenly distributed, you may have a problem with your heat pump. For reliable Buford heat pump repair and other HVAC services, call us today. Your heat pump is an important piece of equipment for a number of reasons. A heat pump moves heat around your house from one place to another. It effectively uses air to heat your home. Ironically, a heat pump can also be used to cool air, not just heat it.

The transfer of heat from a heat pump effectively creates warm or cool air without the use of fuel. Ideal for a moderate climate like Georgia, a heat pump is an important aspect of your home's heating and air system.

Heat Pump Service & Installation

Unless you are a trained HVAC technician, we do not recommend trying to fix your heat pump by yourself. This technical piece of equipment should be serviced by trained HVAC experts. Regular maintenance of your heat pump will keep it clean and extend the life of the pump. We offer comprehensive heat pump service & installation.

If your heat pump is beyond repair, trust our HVAC company to replace your current unit with an energy efficient dual fuel model. Dual fuel heat pumps combine the benefits of an electric heat pump and a gas furnace, creating an energy efficient solution for home owners. A dual fuel heat pump will heat your home effectively unless the temperature outside plummets below freezing, at which time the furnace will take over. This dual fuel heat pump is an effective way to efficiently heat your home and will do so in correlation with the outside temperature.

Reliable Heating Repairs

We can handle all of your heating repairs. Our full service HVAC company offers top notch heat pump service and guaranteed results. Don't let the chill of the winter weather keep you out in the cold. Contact our Heat Pump Repair Professionals today for expert service and prompt heating repairs.